Income Superstars is dedicated to finding the best income investments available today ... precisely the kind of income investments that can help you build — and maintain — a comfortable lifestyle whether you're just getting started in the markets or already in retirement. Plus, for added safety, the selections are diversified across asset classes, sectors, industries ... and even countries.

In his monthly issues of Income Superstars, income investment expert Nilus Mattive will give you:

•  Big-picture analyses of the markets, economic trends, and important personal finance topics written in plain, easy-to-understand language.

•  Profiles of his favorite dividend-paying candidates, along with important insights on other income investments like bonds and exchange-traded funds.

•  Clear, concise instructions on when to get into positions — and when to get out! Nilus carefully monitors his recommendations constantly so you don't have to. And if he sees a development happen between issues, he'll shoot you a flash alert!

•  In-depth portfolio reviews with details on the most important developments affecting your holdings.

•  Answers to your most pressing questions on the markets, investments, retirement, and other personal finance issues.

You'll get everything from investments suited for conservative retirement accounts to more aggressive stocks with mammoth potential. Better yet, you'll get to choose from two powerful portfolios, depending on your own goals:

Portfolio #1: Dividend Superstars — This is Nilus' market-beating portfolio of dividend stocks — everything from companies with long histories of steady payments to smaller, off-the-radar dividend-paying firms that sport faster growth and the chance for big capital gains. Plus, the very best high-yielding companies on the planet!

Portfolio #2: Dad's Income — With $100,000 of his own father's hard-earned retirement money at stake, Nilus will do everything he can to safely and substantially boost this portfolio's income with conservative, stable and liquid investments. Meanwhile, you can act on the very same recommendations Nilus is giving to his dad, with the additional strategic advantage of buying or selling two full trading days ahead of time! That gives you the final decision on what to buy — and how much — depending on your personal circumstances.

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